Some crucial points to consider when purchasing or designing a Greywater Recycling System

We are often asked to explain the difference between an Aquality system and some of the other systems on the market and we would like to offer the following words of guidance for you to consider when making your choice: –

  • Does your supplier have experience of Greywater Systems?

Many companies are starting to offer Greywater Recycling systems but the technology requires specialist expertise and experience. Make sure your supplier can provide clear evidence e.g system references with contact details about the people who can make official statements about the system. Don’t be afraid to call them, to ensure the system has been running for some time.

  • Membrane systems leading the way

The dominant sustainable method for a Greywater Recycling system is a bio-mechanical system based on ultra-filtrate membranes. But there are many types of these membranes. It is essential to check whether they are appropriate for your Grey water recycling.

  • Is the proposed Non Potable Water system designed to meet your project specific requirements?

There are many standard systems but most fail to meet the brief and offer inferior performance as a result. Having a clear understanding from the outset is crucial for us and the clients we work with.

  • Is your Non Potable Water system an integrated system with a centralised control functions?

Systems composed of many separate parts from different suppliers run the risk of high maintenance. This increases the chances of a breakdown and insufficient monitoring. Keeping to one supplier ensures compatibility and reliability.

  • Does your supplier offer a full back up and guarantee service?

As well as good design, it is essential to have the appropriate install and maintenance services at hand.
Please remember that if you are purchasing cheaper versions of these products, there are normally quality or compatibility differences too.


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