B&G Tomorrow: “Redefine droughts”, says Environment Agency

The Environment Agency has called upon policy makers to redefine the term ‘drought’ and move towards a sliding scale to describe dry conditions. This April was logged as the wettest on record but the majority of the UK was considered to be in drought…


Guardian: It’s time to turn the tide on water mismanagement

Despite the wettest April since records began, eyebrows were raised at the continuation of Britain’s drought alert. The deluge followed the driest March in 59 years, but on the back of a spate of dry winters it has done little to revive the deep, underground aquifers which supply so much of our water…


BBC: Parts of England no longer in drought after heavy rain

Parts of England are no longer in drought following heavy rain in recent weeks, the Environment Agency has said. Drought status has been lifted in 19 areas of south-west England, the Midlands and parts of Yorkshire following persistent rainfall…


BBC: Hosepipe bans brought in for drought-hit areas

Hosepipe bans affecting about 20 million customers have been introduced by seven water authorities in parts of southern and eastern England…


BREEAM: Listerhills Project in Bradford receives top honours

Aquality are contributors to the greenest commercial building in the UK. “The Green” is a 1,026 room student accommodation building at the University of Bradford and has received the highest BREEAM award in the UK at 95.05%! To find out more from BREEAM about this project click on the link below…


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