Aqua Storm Control

Introducing the biggest development in Non-Potable water management for years. Optimising rainwater control with intelligent water management.

At last a system which will take into account climate variances and also allows systems to automatically adapt to all climate conditions from drought to floods.

Aquality are known as being leaders in the field of professional Non-Potable Water Management Systems and can now announce the launch of the Aqua Storm Control (ASC) system.

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This revolutionary new system is based on a cloud technology platform that uses sensor data, climate forecast information, & modelling to actively control, maintain, and monitor, water infrastructure.

The UK suffers two extremes – flood and drought and large variations in between.

The Aqua Storm Control system manages the water held in the tanks to maximise their usage and make water management significantly more efficient.

Storm water control is obligatory in the UK.

The flood prevention regulations require that all new buildings deal with storm water run-off on site – so large attenuation tanks are often a necessity. These often huge tanks are designed to take a once in a 100 year storm event or more – a flow diagramhigh cost for a rare event. The tanks have no other purpose and are there as a necessary cost with no return for the investment. Now with the Aqua Storm Control system and intelligent water management that same attenuation tank can be used as a rainwater storage tank providing a natural water supply on an ongoing basis.

The benefits of Aqua-Storm-Control to Specifiers, Designers, Installers, Owners and the greater Community are clear:-

  • –  One tank not two so an immediate saving on tanks, construction and digging
  • –  Less space required and the dormant attenuation tank becomes live and useful
  • –  A rainwater harvesting system added at very low cost and in use and making savings from day 1
  • –  Savings measured constantly by the online performance monitoring of the rainwater harvesting system.
  • The Aqua Storm Control is revolutionising Non-Potable Water Management.

To find out more, please get in touch with Joe Jassal or Lutz Johnen on 0208 991 3725, alternatively you can contact us on

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