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Water is vital to our very existence and yet so often we take it totally for granted.

 Aqua Storm Control

The revolutionary system is based on a new cloud technology platform that uses sensor data, climate forecast information, & modelling to actively control, maintain, and monitor, water infrastructure.

The major benefits of Aqua-Storm-Control to property Designers, Installers, Property Owners and the greater Community are clear:

  • One tank not two so an immediate saving on tanks, construction and groundwork
  • Less space required and the dormant attenuation tank becomes live and useful 

  • A rainwater harvesting system added at very low cost and savings made from day 1
  • Savings measured constantly by the On-line performance monitoring of the rainwater harvesting system 

  • Existing attenuation tanks can be adapted to manage rainwater profitably

One tank, not two and much better use of resources at a significant lower cost.

The Aqua Storm Control will revolutionise water management and offer benefits not enjoyed by the industry and the environment before

“Aquality are keen to share their knowledge of rainwater issues – drought or flood – with qualified professionals so if you would like a CPD to explore the intelligent use of water in the future please contact us to discuss how we can help.

Last Summer we ran an event in conjunction with Aquality for Clients of City of London Building Control Office.
It was well attended, and Lutz Johnen the MD of Aquality gave an enlightened presentation on the intelligent use of water. Some of the issues raised and developments he explained were news to a large part of the audience and raised many interesting questions and debate.” 
Mark Pundsack – City of London District Surveyors.

Water is our passion and our mission is to try and make the most of this valuable resource. We have over 15 years experience in the European market and have handled hundreds of projects in the UK. We regard ourselves as technical experts and insist on only using quality materials to produce complete systems that work. We specialise in water efficiency technologies, including rainwater harvesting, greywater recycling, storm water attenuation systems and combinations of these. Our systems and products cover the entire range from small irrigation systems to large commercial and industrial systems such as airports or stadiums.
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Specifiers, engineers and architects
We work with a wide range of dedicated professionals across the UK on many varied developments. We prefer to be involved at an early stage in order to offer the best advice and guarantee a system that works in harmony with the design of the whole project.

Rainwater Harvesting
Simply put it is the capture, filtration and distribution of rain. Whether it is a major new office development, a retail complex, a sports stadium, a new school or a housing estate we have the necessary sector experience to handle the whole project and maximise the efficiency of the system. Read more>>

Greywater Recycling
This is the recycling of shower, bath and hand-wash basin water for non-potable water applications (e.g. toilet, washing machine or irrigation). This has become of increasing interest to architects, engineers and planners as these systems offer many advantages. As environmental issues become more important these systems score well under the BREEAM criteria and are increasingly important for planning clearance. Read more>>

Flood control
Flooding is no longer a rare event in the UK and changes to many localities have increased the levels of risk. We believe that appropriate systems, carefully designed to meet set objectives, can make a significant contribution to the effective control and use of surface water. We are pioneering active storm water attenuation systems in the UK, using intelligent cloud-based controls using weather station data.

If you have a project and would like to talk further about any of these areas please call.

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