Why specify Aquality?

We are often asked to explain what makes an Aquality rainwater harvesting or greywater system better than other systems on the market.

There are a number of factors we believe make us market leaders in this field.

Why specify Aquality?

Rainwater Harvesting & Greywater Recycling systems are very specialist where water quality is paramount, as more companies start offering to design supply and install such systems, there can be dangers in using untried and untested suppliers.

If you are considering an alternative supplier to Aquality, we recommend that you ask your potential supplier to provide you with project references of systems they have installed and contacts who can verify the suppliers claims

Aquality have many satisfied customers, please see our case studies for references or contact us if you wish to attend one of our live demonstration CPDs.

Design and technical capability

There are several systems available on the market but most fail to meet the brief and offer inferior performance as a result.

Aquality have a clear understanding of a client’s building needs based on many years of designing, supplying and installing greywater systems. It is crucial to understand these requirements from the outset if the system is to deliver the promised benefits.

Filter and Bio-mechanical treatment technology

The dominant sustainable method component for treating greywater is a  bio-mechanical system based on ultra-filtrate membranes. However, there are many types of these membranes, it is essential to check whether the supplier is offering an appropriate membrane system for your greywater recycling.

Aquality only use the right high quality membrane filters that deliver the water quality needed for your scheme.

Fully integrated systems

Systems that comprise of many components from different suppliers are likely to have higher maintenance costs. This is because there is an increased risk of system downtime due to a breakdown or insufficient monitoring.

Aquality offer a full system warranty from a single source of supply, ensuring customer peace of mind.

Installation and maintenance

As well as good design, it is essential to have the appropriate installation and maintenance services at hand. A poorly installed and maintained system will make the greywater system redundant.

Having installed and maintained systems since 2004, you can be assured that Aquality can deliver and maintain a system that is fit for purpose.