Water, or more precisely its scarcity, is an issue that needs to be urgently addressed by government, regulators and water utility companies alike. Climate change, over extraction of water and population growth are largely to blame for the current and future areas of water stress in the UK, most notably in London and the South East. Hosepipe Bans are often implemented by water companies as a short term reactive measure to combat the problem when it occurs, at Aquality we pride ourselves in offering rainwater harvesting and greywater recycling solutions that conserve water and ease pressure on resources in the long term.

On any building scheme we can re-use water from a number of sources – from the roofs of our buildings or the waste from our baths and showers.

Water is our passion and our mission is to protect and conserve this valuable resource. We have over 15 years’ experience in designing and installing greywater recycling systems in the UK, Europe and internationally.

As the leading authority in greywater recycling we are expert in designing high quality systems that meet the buildings need. We specialise in commercial and large residential projects.

How the system works

Firstly, the greywater passes through a coarse filter to remove large dirt particles (hair etc), it then enters an aerobic treatment buffer tank where it is aerated. Finally, the water passes through the BMT membrane and into a clear water storage tank.

The water is then pumped via the Aqua Control booster pump set to the serviced appliances, if however there is no greywater available or the tanks are undergoing maintenance then the AC unit will automatically revert to mains water using a WRAS compliant air gap.

Cost Effective Maintenance

The biomechanical Aqua-Recycling Control only requires an electrical supply to deliver effective treatment. It does not require the use of any expensive chemical additives to operate like some other systems, it simply requires the membrane to be exchanged when the filtration rate is reduced and the Maintenance on Demand (*optional) indicates a service is due. This can be undertaken by one of our service team with minimal disruption or system downtime

System components

1) Coarse filter with backwash facility
2) Greywater buffer tank collects the incoming water for treatment
3) Aerator supplies water with oxygen and keeps membrane free from dirt deposits
4) Membrane filter guarantees the high water quality
5) Clear water storage keeps water available for use
6) Aqua Recycling-Control monitors and controls the treatment process
7) Aqua-Control (AC1100 shown) booster pump set with mains water back-up facility and controls
8) Floor drain is needed as a safety measure

Greywater System benefits

  • Major reduction mains water and sewage charges
  • System is not weather dependant
  • Excellent return on investment compared to other renewable technologies
  • Treated water can be stored for longer periods than other greywater systems
  • Can be combined with rainwater harvesting
  • Compact system is easy to fit into any building 
  • Inert – No use of chemicals
  • Enhanced Capital Allowance applicable via Water Technology List
  • Complies to BREAAM, LEED, CFSH requirements

Bio-Membrane Technology ensures the highest water quality

The Bio-Membrane Technology (BMT) is chemical free and the safest water treatment technology on the market for greywater recycling. With a filter pore size of 38nm, which is 2,500 times finer than the human hair, the BMT creates an impassable barrier for particles and bacteria. After passing through the membrane, the non-potable water is clean, clear, odourless, and germ-free.