Canute believe it - Aqua Storm Control turns the tide

Surface Water Management (SuDS)


Surface Water Management (SuDS) is the process of controlling  surface water runoff in a sustainable and holistic way that considers the needs of people and the importance of water to sustain the environment and ecosystems.  Increased urbanisation and climate change have caused us to re-examine the way we manage water in the UK.  As such there is increasing regulation on controlling, treating and managing water through national legislation, local planning policies and environmental regulation.

Urban Environments place the greatest demand on water, with arguably the most difficult means of delivering it. High population density and lack of usable catchment makes sustainability a major issue in these areas. This means that certain cities in the UK are potentially very vulnerable to water shortages.

At Aquality, we are uniquely placed to offer advice and solutions to help achieve this goal.


Aquality’s philosophy is to deliver commercially sustainable integrated water management solutions that take account of regulation. However, this starts with the premise that we should first look to reuse water through rainwater harvesting & greywater recycling before discharging it into sewers and water courses, therefore reducing the potential for flooding

As market leaders in SuDS and reuse of water for non-potable applications, we can offer a range of bespoke solutions that allow clients to maximise water efficiency and minimise or eliminate the potential for downstream flooding.

Surface Water Management (SuDS)


Aquality offers a range of systems that allow designers to use runoff from a wide range of hard surfaces as part of an integrated non-potable water management plan, including rainwater harvesting, greywater recycling and SuDS including blue roofs. A key component in making this goal a reality is Aqua Storm Control (ASC), a control system that allows clients to use the power of IoT (Internet of Things) together with CMAC (Continuous Monitoring & Adaptive Control) technology to reduce the impact of flooding and pollution on on a site or catchment scale.

Aquality not only offers water reuse systems, with the combination of Surface Water Treatment systems, water storage tanks, blue roofs, and surface water flow controls we are now able to offer a holistic and integrated non potable water management solution not previously available.

As we offer a full design, installation and maintenance service, our clients can be assured that we can deliver solutions that fulfil the design brief, save cost by utilising otherwise redundant assets and give the water efficiency savings expected.