Aqua Storm Control

 Introducing the biggest development in wastewater management for years. 

Optimising stormwater control with intelligent water management.

Aqua Storm Control (ASC) represents an evolution in SuDS management by harnessing the power of IoT and weather based real time control we can actively manage water to improve water efficiency, reduce flooding and improve water quality. ASC recently won the ICE Chris Binnie award for Sustainable Water Management 2017.

Aqua Storm Control is a proven cloud platform for automatic, forecast-based control for stormwater infrastructure. The system optimises the performance of infrastructure with predictive real-time control, lowering the cost and risk of managing storm-water.

The system uses weather forecast information to predict the amount of runoff from a rainfall event and prepares the storage system, through a real time control to receive the forecasted water based on site requirements and regulations. The results are significant improvements in the performance of SuDS infrastructure :


Aquality offer two systems dependent on site scale and operational complexity:

ASC Optimum

(powered by OptiRTC) – For large developments and catchment scale control of wastewater.


For smaller site developments and water re-use systems

Optimum case studies and resources

The basic system comprises a valve, controller, and level sensor, and is fitted to the downstream end of any storage structure.



The control is programmed to take into account site or catchment conditions for the rate of discharge from the structure and is compared with live weather data to ensure that the system retains water for the required period before and after a rainfall event.


Integrated Non Potable Water re-use systems

Attenuation systems are incorporated as part of a SuDS solution on many development sites, but for the vast majority of the time remain empty as normal rainfall events do activate the system, as such this is an asset that could be used to permanently store water that could be re-used by the property owner.

ASC  real time control enables attenuation systems to be modified or used for re-use purposes, and this makes commercial sense on multi-occupancy buildings (hotels, offices, sports stadia etc) or anywhere there is a high demand for non-potable water for manufacturing or cooling.

Control of Sewer networks

ASC Optimum can be used to alleviate pinch points on sewer networks and is particularly valuable on combined sewer systems. ASC ensures there is a reduction in peak surface water flows into the network and thereby avoids CSO discharging raw sewage into water courses.

Optimisation of drainage infrastructure

ASC Optimum can be used to allow existing SuDS infrastructure to be optimised by actively using the ‘freeboard’ in the assets design to increase residence time for sediment, this helps to reduce the pollutant load entering a water course.