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Safecontractor is a leading health and safety assessment scheme, with more than 220 major clients and over 22,000 contractors supporting the scheme.
Why Safecontractor?
With legislation placing an ever-increasing burden on organisations to ensure the health and safety competency of contractors providing services on their premises, it is vital to have a reliable system in place.
More than ever, there is a need to determine how seriously your external contractors and service providers take health and safety and to professionally assess the suitability of their arrangements.
Many large organisations use Safecontractor to reduce risks and to develop and maintain their approved contractor and service provider lists and also search for new ones through our online database.
How Safecontractor works 
Safecontractor is a health and safety assessment scheme that is recognised all over the UK. The scheme has been designed to take the hassles out of health and safety by managing your list of approved contractors more efficiently and cost effectively.
At Aquality went through the Safe Contractor scheme to ensure that we effectively meet our client requests and to show our clear focus on the health and safety elements within construction. We understand the importance of the scheme and are more then happy to assist customers on new projects or contracts. Having the accreditation at Aquality allows clients to have easy access to a range of services we offer to the marketplace.

Our domestic AC ECO is awarded the ‘Waterwise Recommended’ Marque
Waterwise is a UK NGO focused on decreasing water consumption in the UK and building the evidence base for large scale water efficiency and is the leading authority on water efficiency in the UK.
Waterwise is committed to sustainable development not only in the measures and behaviour it lobbies for and espouses, but also in its own operations, projects, programmes and events.
Waterwise hold the only Annual Water Efficiency Conference in the UK which brings together the leading policy makers, doers and thinkers on water efficiency, both as speakers and participants to discuss water efficiency. This is part of the United Nations World Water Day program.
The Waterwise Marque was founded in October 2006 and is the first award scheme of its kind in the UK. The Marque is awarded annually to water using products which highlight water efficiency or reduce water wastage.

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