Greywater Recycling

Water, or the lack of water, is becoming an ever increasing issue in the UK and needs to be addressed as a matter of urgency. Climate change, over extraction of water resources and population growth are largely to blame for the current and future areas of water stress in the UK. Indeed, we are seeing an increasing use of Hosepipe Bans being implemented by a number of Water Companies in the UK as part of the measures to combat this very real problem.

We have a plentiful supply of water that could be used – from the roofs of our buildings or the waste from our baths and showers.

Why not make use of them?

Great benefits with little effort:

– Saving mains water and sewage charges
– Mains water savings independent of the weather
– Quick financial returns compared to other renewable technologies
– Long storage periods of treated water
– Combinable with rainwater harvesting
– Little space requirements due to compact systems
– Adoptable to every type of building due to modular based above or below ground systems
– No use of chemicals
– Enhanced Capital Allowance applicable via Water Technology List
– Complies to BREAAM, LEED, CFSH requirements

Best water quality due to most modern BioMembrane Technology

The chemical free treatment process is using the latest technology and safest water treatment method for greywater recycling: Bio-Membrane-Technology (BMT). The membrane has a 38nm filter pore size.

Every Membrane pore is 2,500 times finer than the human hair and therefore creates an impassable barrier for particles and bacteria. After treatment the water is available again as clean, clear, odorless and germfree non-potable water.

The treated greywater complies with:

  • British Standard BS8525-1:2010
  • European Bathing Water Regulation 2006/7/EG









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