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A core part of the UK government’s construction strategy, Building Information Modelling is the process of creating a digital model of a building or infrastructure facility. The fundamental idea behind BIM is to create and share the right information at the right time throughout the design, construction and operation of a building or facility, in order to improve efficiency and decision making. The emphasis is on therefore on collaborative working between the various parties involved throughout the lifecycle of an asset.

As the process of implementing BIM compliance is a lengthy one, various ‘levels’ have been defined which act as milestones.

The UK government has set Level 2 as a minimum target for all public-sector projects by April 2016. However, BIM is also being widely adopted in the private sector, with the most common adopters being architects and contractors (Chartered Institute of Building).

Aquality provides all products in revit family format or whole systems as a BIM model. We are happy to work closely with you to coordinate the integration of our systems in your project.

These levels can broadly be described as:

  • Level 0: 2D CAD with no collaboration.
  • Level 1: 2D or 3D CAD with no collaboration.
  • Level 2: 3D CAD with collaboration and information exchange between parties, but not via a single, shared model.
  • Level 3: Full collaboration between parties, working on a single, shared model.

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