Leisure Sector

The leisure sector can be one of the largest consumers of water in the non-domestic/commercial sector.

Swimming Pools, Health Clubs, Sports Centres, Sports Stadiums, Sports Fields and multi-functional leisure centres will all consume a vast quantity of water on a daily basis through its use in toilet flushing, showering and pool maintenance.

Fortunately, this type of building will be able to offset much of its water consumption by either recycling water from the showering facilities (Greywater Recycling) or by recovering the water from the roof of the building (Rainwater Harvesting) before it enters the surface water drainage system.

In most of the buildings in this sector, Greywater Recycling will produce more recycled water than the building will use for toilet flushing activity. The building can then easily be self-sufficient for toilet flushing activity and should no longer require the use of treated, expensive mains water for this part of its consumption. The system can be set up to provide a combined system that will use Harvested Rainwater first, until that supply becomes exhausted, before it then uses the Recycled Greywater from the building’s shower blocks. This set up will then be able to function throughout the year without the reliance on rainfall to provide it with the recycled supply.

We have been involved in the design, supply and installation of many water saving systems in the leisure sector (case studies).

There are some very practical and obvious drivers for the use of Rainwater Harvesting or Greywater Recycling within the Leisure sector:

  • Rainwater Harvesting & Greywater Recycling will attract point scoring under BREEAM
  • Rainwater Harvesting & Greywater Recycling will greatly reduce the building’s overall water cost throughout its lifetime.
  • Rainwater Harvesting & Greywater Recycling will allow the building to demonstrate its environmental credentials with the general public
  • Rainwater Harvesting & Greywater Recycling can provide a very quick and efficient payback
  • Rainwater Harvesting & Greywater Recycling can assist in aiding the planning process
  • Rainwater Harvesting & Greywater Recycling fit well with the sector’s environmental philosophy, given that this sector is able to offset large water consumption
  • Rainwater Harvesting will reduce the impact of surface water disposal
  • Rainwater Harvesting & Greywater Recycling will produce water for irrigation during times of Hose Pipe Ban

If you are designing, constructing or managing a building in this sector, please consult with our design team who will be able to produce a system cost with expected payback period for your project specific requirements.

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