Retail Sector

In the commercial environment, the Retail sector have been the most active in implementing energy and water saving technologies in both their new build and refurbishment projects.

Aquality are proud to have worked directly and indirectly with some of the biggest names in the retail sector in providing consultancy and product supply packages for Rainwater Harvesting projects throughout the UK.

Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Asda, Marks & Spencer, Morrison’s and John Lewis have all benefited from the dedicated water saving experience within Aquality and have used Rainwater Harvesting technology for a variety of projects.
At the even larger end of the retail sector, Aquality have been involved in some of the biggest Rainwater Harvesting projects in the UK including the design and supply of a huge bespoke system for the vast Westfield Shopping Centre in London.

The majority of the big names in Retail are keen to reduce their environmental impact and use Rainwater Harvesting Technology as part of a raft of other technologies used to ensure a new store will be as environmentally friendly and cost effective as possible. Indeed, retailers are now building zero carbon stores when and where possible and are ensuring water saving is a major part of the buildings infrastructure from day one.

The large retailers have even larger distribution centres strategically placed throughout the country. These vast buildings offer an ideal opportunity to install a Rainwater Harvesting System and collect the huge quantities of rainwater from the roof. The collected rainwater is then used for toilet flushing, vehicle washing, crate washing and even the buildings cooling system. Given the area available for collecting rainwater, many of these buildings could be virtually self sufficient in their non-potable water consumption.

In the retail sector Rainwater Harvesting

  • can assist with the potentially contentious planning procedure
  • fits directly with the environmental ethos of this sector
  • will assist with the goal of providing zero carbon, self sufficient stores
  • will assist in reducing the financial overhead of a store / distribution depot
  • will greatly reduce the surface water runoff on site
  • will generally provide a quick payback on investment in this sector


Aquality have worked closely with many of the specialist consultants, Design & Build Contractors and specialist M&E Contractors in the retail sector and have provided countless cost effective, cutting edge solutions up and down the country on both new build and refurbishment projects.

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