Gravity / Break Tank System

High level Gravity or low level Break Tank Rainwater Harvesting Systems will employ the services of a defined capacity holding tank within the building and would be selected if a certain level of water storage was deemed as necessary in the building.

Whilst Aquality offer a full range of products in this category, we would argue that there is rarely a need to provide within this part of the system within the building. In most cases, the storage requirement would be met in either the initial Rainwater storage vessel or in the mains water storage system. Storing rainwater in the building is best avoided if not necessary thus avoiding future maintenance issues associated with storage tanks.

The majority of these types of systems are designed on a habitual basis and not because it is the most effective way of providing a Rainwater Harvesting System. Aquality will always look at providing a design for the best option for the project and will select this type of system when it provides the user with the best service possible.

Gravity System

The most basic form of Gravity Rainwater Harvesting System will employ an initial under/above ground Rainwater collection tank. The Rainwater will be collected from the building roof and will initially be filtered before the cleanest water enters the storage chamber, thus keeping the Rainwater quality as high as possible.

The simple yet sophisticated Rainwater HT control system will, on demand, pump the water from the initial storage tank to the dedicated high level break tank in the building. The control system will monitor both the level of water in the main storage tank and the break tank. The system will always select the water supply from the rainwater storage tank unless the water stock is depleted. If the stock is depleted, the system will then call for mains water and deliver this to the break tank via the WRAS compliant air gap. As soon as the stored Rainwater stock is available, the system will then revert back to taking the supply from the Rainwater storage tank.
The water from the break tank will then gravity to the serviced appliances in the normal way.

The Aquality HT Control system comes as standard with connection ability to a BMS. The control panel will detail the condition of the system and will signal in the unlikely event of a system fault.

Aquality offer a full range of insulated single piece and sectional break tanks. These will be supplied to site with the relevant control equipment already fitted thus providing the installer with the simple task of connecting power and water supplies to the system

Low Level Break Tank System

This system uses similar components to the gravity header tank system but would see the intermediate break tank mounted at a low level instead of in the roof of the building.

This system would therefore require the appliances to be serviced via a booster pump system rather than by gravity.
Aquality offer a full range of packaged booster pump sets to be selected on a project specific basis.

The information here is brief, please refer to our system data sheets in the Downloads section for more detailed information a system specifications.