Perc System

Compact booster pump set with integrated mains water back-up and controls

The Aqua Control units have been developed to ensure a compact, easy to install product that can accommodate all necessary features of a modern rainwater / greywater control unit. They are purpose designed for the application to ensure integrated and external components will work as one.


The Aqua-Controls are fully equipped control units with integrated break tank, booster pump set and electronic control. The control unit monitors the water level in the rainwater tank as well as in the mains back up break tank. The self-priming booster pump set supplies the water directly to the applications. In case of rain- or greywater shortage or manual setting, the Aqua-Control feeds mains water automatically and on demand, via an AA-type air gap, into the intermediate tank (in compliance with BS 8515 / BS 8525).

As an automatic maintenance feature the solenoid valve of the mains water back-up system is regularly opened. If mains water has not been used for a certain time period the unit will flush the mains water pipe and thereby avoid stagnation. Preset standard settings can be adjusted to meet project specific needs. The units have a manual over-ride for maintenance and automatic switch over in case of supply pump failure from storage tank.

The Aqua Control units have been developed to cover all design led requirements of a commercial sized building including operating safety, reliability, and energy saving. The systems offer in-depth monitoring ability for modern facility management.

These units are being used in all building types from schools, offices & supermarkets to airports and stadiums.

The units are very compact as the table below indicates


Available Features List