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MBR (Membrane Bio Reactor) is currently the leading technology used for greywater recycling in the world. There are a variety of reasons as to why this is. The following is an in-depth look into the MBR technology and it’s advantages over other systems.

MBR (Membrane Bio Reactor) Advantages

MBR systems achieve the highest water quality without using chemicals. Utilising bacteria as a natural solution to achieving high water quality.

Secondly, this technology has very low energy demand leading to carbon figures below those of water companies in terms of water treatment and supply. Other technologies use much more water increasing the water companies’ carbon footprint substantially.  

Greywater recycling should be a sustainable technology and therefore create no strain on other resources such as energy or pollute the environment by using chemicals if that is not necessary. 

Building designers will know that showers and Wash Hand Basins (WHB) are not necessarily used at the same time as general water usage behaviour varies. Therefore, buffer storage must be allowed to make sure that the system can work efficiently. Experience has shown that 100% buffer volume is not needed due increased membrane surface area. 

This has led to considerable reduced space requirements of up to 50% compared to older type MBR systems.

Another factor of the space reduction is achieved by replacing submerged membranes against dry standing ones. No need for membrane tanks anymore. This also makes the system easy to maintain. 

On-demand systems have substantial draw backs for a doubtful advantage. Due to the nature of the treatment process, there is not enough contact time for the biology to be effective leaving the water unstable once it passes the membrane. Therefore, the water needs to be chemically treated to avoid any negative impact once it is in the distribution system.

Why is water on demand needed?

Why is water on demand needed in the first place. Most buildings have a daily routine or rather a water usage curve that allows for water being treated and again made available within a day. Hence, where is the need for on-demand?         

MBR treatment system do not need 24 hours to treat the water. They can be selected by different system models and allow for quick supply, if necessary.

Benefits of an MBR (Membrane Bio Reactor) System

Treated water from MBR systems is crystal clear, odorless and exceeds the water quality requirements for non-potable water as stated in the BS EN16941-2 by far and achieves near drinking water standards.  

Controls also include, besides the usual BMS features, remote data monitoring as well as remote operating capabilities. This enables adjusting the system to changing situations on site.

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