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On a grand scale, The Environment Agency warned, in its first major report on water resources in England, of impending water shortages and declared that water would be an issue by 2050. It listed London as one of the most endangered cities in the world along with Cairo, Bangalore, Istanbul, Sao Paulo and Beijing. Cape Town is now at crisis point.

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At the other extreme, and on a more light-hearted note, Tony Woods, a young garden designer, won a Gold at the Chelsea Flower Show with his wonderful water themed exhibit.

What Tony got absolutely spot on, and he expressed it really well on TV, was that water is about flood and drought and proper usage. They are all part of the same cycle and a professional water management approach must encompass them all.

This is something, we at Aquality, really believe is essential to breaking down the old siloed thinking on flooding, water capture and usage.



We were sent a very interesting article from the ‘Conversation’.
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Once again it highlights the need for much greater awareness of the issues that are fast approaching as regards water conservation, control and proper usage.

The systems and technology are there to capture rainwater, use it for non-potable use and ease many of the problems with flooding. BUT the legislation and the understanding of the problem by public bodies and the construction industry is way behind the reality of how serious the problems really are.

In Wales they are enacting Schedule 3 of the Flood and Water Management Act by 2019 this makes the use of rainwater harvesting systems a primary consideration in planning applications.

In Paris they have just introduced a mandatory regulation that requires everyone to cope with the first millimetres of rainfall (Plan ParisPluie). Rainwater harvesting is the only real solution to achieve this.

In New York a full blown public awareness campaign has been running for several years to involve the public in a number of major water initiatives

London lags behind

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