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King’s Cross – even the postcode is new

By July 31, 2018No Comments

King’s Cross – even the postcode is new


The redevelopment of King’s Cross is one Europe’s largest and most exciting developments.

The entire area is being transformed with every type of facility. Offices yes but homes, shops, galleries, bars, restaurants, schools and even a university. It is a revitalised part of London – even the postcode is new N1C.

The 67 acre site has a rich history and a unique setting close to the centre of this vibrant city and fast changing skyline. 30,000 people are now estimated to be using the site at any one time.


Aquality Systems

Aquality now have 8 systems installed and running at King’s Cross and have been instrumental to bringing modern professional water management systems to the site.
Two significant benefits in one hit
The systems have the potential to reduce the mains water consumption by 17,000 mper year. That equates to 7 Olympic swimming pools. At the same time as saving water, the systems can reduce the surface water runoff by 2,500 m3 and the sewage by 14,500 m per year.

Rainwater Harvesting or Greywater Recycling or both?


The systems are bespoke and have varied from standalone rainwater harvesting systems to standalone greywater recycling systems and even a combining version of the two.



The designs for non-potable water systems were rather challenging as the constraints on drainage levels and plant room space were limited. In one case the system had to be spread over two floors. In total, the greywater recycling system provides 56 mper day.

The Aquality team are delighted to be involved in this iconic new development in London.