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Greywater Recycling & Rainwater Harvesting

Southbank Place development (2017)

This development build by Canary Wharf Construction comprises of eight tower blocks – 2 commercial and 6 residential.

The so far largest integrated non-potable water system in London. This development incorporates technologies such as greywater recycling, rainwater harvesting, cooling tower bleed-off recycling.

Not only does the development use these technologies but the overall strategy makes use of non-potable water being collected in some building but being used in others. Non-potable water is being transferred between buildings to operate in the most effective manner.

Aquality has provided most of the input for the non-potable water management working closely with AECOM (Commercial buildings and infrastructure) and Hoare Lea (Residental buildings).

During construction Aquality has worked with several contractors such as TClarke, NG Bailey and Haydon to deliver a site wide greywater recycling system capable of providing up to 100m3/d of treated greywater to WCs.