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Holland Green is a development of three new apartment buildings, grouped around the proposed new home of the Design Museum (former Commonwealth Institute exhibition hall), at the south of Holland Park. Holland Green is an exceptional place in London, it provides people with the ability of living around outstanding modern architecture, within a famous park that is known globally.

The 62 flats will comprise of: 9 x 1-bedroom, 13 x 2-bedroom, 28 x 3-bedroom, 11 x 4-bedroom, 1 x 5-bedroom units. The new buildings are arranged parallel with the exhibition hall, creating strong cubic shapes in a park setting. They range from 7 to 9 storeys high, together with a secure basement car park, a spa and entertainment rooms.

This includes a 20-metre heated swimming pool and a hot spa. Around the pool there will be a sauna and steam room, a fitness centre with a gym and studio space and treatment rooms and the entertainment area will also have a cinema, a private function room, a golf simulator and a children’s playroom.

Aquality had the pleasure of providing the greywater recycling systems for this residential project.

Three systems were supplied with a total treatment capacity of 10,000l per day. Each system runs independent and serves an apartment block section. Compact control units with integrated mains water top-up via AA type air gap and booster pump set ensuring a continuous supply of water in case of maintenance or treatment failure of the greywater system.

Greywater Recycling systems in residential buildings have the advantage of having higher greywater yield than WC demand. At Holland Green the systems were sized to allow for treatment of excess greywater which is being supplied to the nearby museum.

Above image depicts a GWR system.

Aquality and Arup worked on the Holland Green project together and Daniel Costelloe Senior Public Health Engineer at Arup sums it up nicely, he stated:- “It was a pleasure to work alongside Aquality for the sizing and specification of three bespoke Greywater Recycling systems for three individual apartment blocks. There was some in-depth exploration across the design phase to recognise the requirements for this project. Aquality’s skillset in identifying the potential solutions on offer made the design process a very smooth one. We thoroughly enjoyed working alongside the Aquality team. All in all, Aquality’s Greywater Recycling system enabled us to meet our CfSH target. We look forward to working with Aquality on future projects.”

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